PayPal Issues
My PayPal payment is not working?
If your PayPal payment is not working it could be due to a variety of reasons.
  1. If you have clicked "Checkout with PayPal" and nothing happens or you only see a blank window, then you most likely have a pop-up blocker installed. This pop-up blocker will block PayPal from opening an additional payment window. So all you need to do is temporarily disable it and then the window can open or load properly.
  2. PayPal offers you two ways to make a payment. Try the other method.
    • Option-1: As a simple credit-card transaction (without logging into PayPal)
    • Option-2: As a PayPal transaction with card on file (with logging into PayPal)
    Options within PayPal
  3. Your PayPal account may not verified for large amounts (more than a few dollars). We currently only accept payments from verified accounts for security reasons. If you would like to verify your account, you can do this on the following page. Please note that it does take several working days to process, so we recommend paying with a credit or debit card instead using Option-1 above:
  4. If you cannot log in to your PayPal account, unfortunately there isn’t much we can do.
  5. As a last resort, we understand that your situatio. We recommend that you contact the temple directly and have them perform the service and you can always mail-in a check afterwards or pay towards a service when you visit the temple.