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ஓம் சரவண பவ

யாமிருக்க பயம் ஏன்

Our Religious Services

Services: Abhishekam (அபிஷேகம்)

Services: Kavadi (காவிடி)

Services: Phaal Kudam (பால் குடம்)

Services: Annapraasanam (அன்னப்பிரசன்னம்)

Services: Pushpanjali Archana (புஷ்பாஞ்ஜலி அர்ச்சனை)

Services: Ashtotharam Archana (அஷ்டோத்திரம் அர்ச்சனை)

Services: Trishati Archana

Services: Individual Sahasranaama Archana

Services: Bhoomi Puja

Services: Chaula Karma

Services: Griha Pravesam

Services: Griha Shanti

Services: Ganapathi, Aayushya,Mrityunjaya, Pancha Sukta, Rudra Homam(Havan)

Services: Natarajar Abisekam

Services: Navagraha Homam(Havan)

Services: Navarathri (9 days) Chandi Homam

Services: Individual (1 day) Chandi Homam

Services: Kalyana Utsavam

Services: Naamakaranam

Services: Punyaahavaachanam

Services: Sarpabali

Services: Satyanarayana Puja

Services: Seemantham

Services: Sashtiabdapoorty

Services: Sataabhishekam

Services: Shraadham(sankalpam)

Services: Paaravana Shraadham

Services: Tarpanam (Amaavaasya)

Services: Upanayanam

Services: Upanayanam (2days)

Services: Vaahana Puja

Services: Vidyaarambam

Services: Vivaaham

Services: Santhini Tirumanam

Services: Engagement ceremony

Services: Vizhakku Pooja

Services: Subramaniya Thirukalyanam

Services: Rudhara Homam

Services: Funeral Rites



Our Temple History & Timeline

Murugan Temple of North America (MTNA) is the first temple dedicated to Lord Murugan (Karthikeya) in the United States. Conceived in the 1980′s and opened in 1999, MTNA celebrates all Hindu and Tamil festivals, holidays, and special occasions. We follow the Saivite traditions of pujas, agamas and worship at our temple.

In addition, the temple provides bhajans, Tamil, and religious classes, devotees from all over the Maryland, Washington, DC region, Virginia and the country visit this traditional Saivite Hindu Temple located in Lanham, MD.

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Our Services

Murugan Temple offers all of the religious services required by our devotees. Please click on the link below for an extensive list of all the religious services we offer to our community.

Religious and Pooja Services



Donating online is easy as 1-2-3. Please visit our secure-site for a list of donation options. Clicking the button below will redirect you to our secure-site.

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Our Murugan Temple Kitchen

Murugan Temple of North America has a beautiful kitchen where we make our prasadham with quality ingredients.

Visit us at kitchen murugantemple