COVID Relief Efforts by MTNA
COVID Relief Efforts

Murugan Temple is coordinating a Covid Relief Fund. You could donate generously towards the cause. All contributions/donations are fully tax deductible. Please add the items to the cart and then check-out the cart when you're ready to proceed to the payment screen. Thank you.
Arohara #8 is targeted towards raising funds to Covid-Relief in Sri Lanka. As you may have heard and seen on the news, Sri Lanka is very badly affected due to the pandemic.

There are several families in the North, East and Central Provinces of the Country who are not able to afford or meet their daily food needs. There is minimal support from the Government.

To address the current needs, the Arohara team has partnered with IMHO and Manitha Neyam who are registered US based NGOs that have great track record in Srilanka for project implementation and accountability.

Arohara team is targeting to support at least 1000 families who are in need of your kind contribution. Roughly $20 supports 1 family.

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